Known Issues - 5th Anniversary Event 8/4

Hi all. We currently have a couple known issues in-game that are currently being worked on.

1 - The War Stash disappeared when the Anniversary Stash went up.
2 - There are a few inconsistent numbers in the Anniversary Event Missions
3 - The SC Anniversary Event Mission contained Candles not banners

The team is working on correcting this as quickly as possible. You can find the most recent information on these issues on the Official Discord as that information becomes available. Thank you for your patience.


how do you guys screw up so much geez
but im glad at least you’re saying something rather than going radio silent like you guys used to

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Official and most recent information should also be available on the forums.

We are customers here too.

However apperciate that you @TayTron actually thought of letting the 1k users in the last 7 days, 1.5k in last 30, know.:blush: we miss you Tay

Don’t forget to pin this one and pls, a fiery blitz feedback thread


Guess I didn’t take note…

We came in 1st and you usually expect those choice crates with war tokens or half rotted heads.

Was that not a thing this war then?

Because we got none.

Excellent way to celebrate the anniversary with game issues. Not surprising since having bugs all the time have been regular in RTS all those years.


Will the war stash reset??? Everyone has worked hard to earn those tokens. I know I was almost done with the stash and would be mad as fire if it resets.

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我已经要完成了 不要这样

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What has been asked for so much must be applied here: QUALITY CONTROL.
What good is a BETA if you do not test your events before launching them worldwide.



So when will the survivors club missions start again?
And what about the hoops we jumped thru before they went to plushies hideaway?

Like Tupac said, “I ain’t mad at ya.” Just make it right. Yall been on the right path.

It’s back up now. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks Scopely for letting your valued customers on the forum know this update. Shows you really care about all of your customers . :unamused:

How about equal time here in the Forum’s where you share the same exact thing that gets shared in Discord?


woke up this morning to find my 12 x anniversary stash pulls have been reset to 0. Have sent support an ingame message but replies are very slow, sometimes after an event finishes then nothing can be done about it.

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