Known Combat Issues [Updated 4/16/19]

Greeting Survivors,

Below is the list of known combat issues that are currently appearing in game. We’re actively working on resolving each of these issues.

If you discover any additional combat issues that are not listed here, please post in the “How to Report A Bug” thread, so that we can investigate the report.

Thank you for your patience and assistance in helping us improve Road to Survival.


Known Combat Issues [Updated 4/16/19]

  • Maim’s status effect is currently not being blocked by Guardian Shield.

  • Characters (including NPCs) that are immune to Maim still take damage from Maim.

  • Michelle’s Bleed damage from her weapon:

    • Does not stack with other Bleed stacks.
    • Can be blocked by Guardian Shield.
    • Generates AP for the afflicted enemy when damage is dealt.
    • Increases the duration of Bleed effects that are applied from mods.
  • Walkers in Walker Hordes sometimes get stuck after killing an enemy unit.

  • Hemorrhage is not being reapplied to a character if that character has previously recovered from Bleed or Hemorrhage.


thanks to you for the news have a great day

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What happened on this one?

Why would we post in an unrelated thread when we have a dedicated section for bug reporting? Do you even know how to forum? :joy:

Bad news. Maim nerf incoming. :scream:

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So this confirms that maim is NOT supposed to go through guardian shield??? Maybe you guys should have fixed that before releasing Zachary?!?!


Not going to lie I liked maim going through guardian. Those shield/revive/guardian teams were almost manageable

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Helps nerf zack just a hair


Not sure if this is applicable with all active skills, but untargeting the enemy after targeting them will still cause the active skill to be used on that enemy.

Eg: 6* Disarm Bruce’s active -20 AP to 2 enemies with the highest % AP bar. Targeting on an enemy with 0 AP, for instance, will cause the active to -20 AP to the enemy with the highest % AP bar and the targeted enemy, despite of his current AP %.

Untargeting that enemy(different from selecting a new enemy) causes the active to still reduce AP from the previous targeted enemy, rather than the top 2 enemies with the highest AP %.

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Should yellow Alpha’s 3rd slot weapon stat (when killed, -85AP to all enemies) be disarmed when landing a critical attack from a disarm toon?

thank you, this transparency is what we want
can you get the two community managers to do the same with the issues they have taken to the team

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When attacking a disarmed toon with AP down when being attacked weapon, the AP down still triggered.

Fixed for non-Zachary owners…

Agree with @d.j - this transparency is good.

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