Knives/gold bars

with 15 days left of this event I have 18/22 knives and 35/40 due to that extra 5 we got a bit back, not that good with maths so if anyone can clear it up am I behind in knives or am I gonna be able to get all 22?

thank you in advance.

I worked it out, see here:

Basically you’re good. Need to collect 19th by Saturday (23rd Nov) at latest

Note, the above doesn’t account for the 5 extra

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I have 25/40 and 18 knifes
15 days left but even if one is only for claim still we have 14 days so 140 gold bars
So 40 40 40 = 120 + 15 for last knife

Correct me if im wrong because with scopely we never know…

I think you’re right, but it’s just speculation

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