Knife collection

Hey, i wonder if the knife collection will be back? I started playing recently on a new account and i cant upgrade my James to t4 since the collection is gone. And there is still gold bricks to get in roadmaps.

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Thanks for posting that. I hadn’t seen it.


The knives will be available to buy or play cause I dont want to spend money on something that I have been earning this hole time.

Don’t get you hopes up. I’ve been getting same answer since 2 months ago. No idea how long is it going to take even if it’s coming.

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By the time they roll out the next gold bar toon if ever shit we will be able to t4 them if ya got the trainers with how long they are pushing it

Longer it goes the less likely they are to be used again. Soon sc members will have it maxed day 1…

Hey they did say use on future toons they never said how far in the future

Yea I could see people being able to max them first day if they had the trainers but to level sclass takes so much and dout they will have them t4 in a day unless they spend for overpriced trainers I miss the old 10 or 20 dollar packs they used to have where you got better money’s worth

Thanks Link :slight_smile:

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