Knees, Heads, Toes, Knees, Heads, Toes

Knees, Heads, Toes, Knees, Heads, Toes

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Is this a serious question? Heck yes. Ascend her first

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Lol I feel this is a troll post. :joy: of course she’s not worth ascending. Take her to the depot asap.


Wierd flex but –

Lydia is arguably one of the top toons so you asking if she is worth ascending comes across like you are trolling because most people who play this game would love to have her.

And if you are asking for serious advice on who to ascend next, it’s helpful to show your current 6*s and let us know if you are looking for an attack toon or for defense.

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A troll thread not even worthy of the word troll…

  1. Lydia (can level her without waiting for comics)
  2. Sheild andrea
  3. Not Christmas Shiva… She’s not very useful. Maybe you’ll ha e something better by then
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Ascend her and max her asap. Hands down one of the best toons. As you have Koa already there is a pretty solid melee def team beginning right there

Did someone need attention?

Habilities be hard to level man…I need my Habilities maxed to answer this head toes boobs knees arms question

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