Kites in the game

When are you going to put kites in the game?



many have long since stopped asking because those toons are basically irrelevant in this meta. Maybe useful for SR and FA but the game progresses too fast right now imo. s class, 5 star weps, and plat mods.

We need green kites.

They dont make them any money at all now.
So they might as well take them out of the museum collection because they are never going to be available again.

yeah axel still useful imo

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Maybe useful but not enough for anyone to pay money to for failed attempts to get him.

of all the kites this is the one we do NOT need. I literally got like 300 during the Michonne event


THOSE ARE FLAGS. I need 2 more kites to get her.

Someone slacked kn the event lol


@fred1 - This is a recurring question that is being asked by the community.

The latest update I had from the team can be found here Red kites again and again and is as follows:

The team is still looking at options to provide those Kites and Flags but it most likely though Roadmaps, Bags and Offers and up at limited times. With all other events going on simultaneously, it is difficult to propose a regular cadence for these particular roadmaps.


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