Kites for Axel and Roxie

@GR.Scopely Again thank you for the flags roadmaps, last week blue this week red. I hope it lasts. Still we need kites to unlock Axel or Roxie in the museum. It would be the decent thing to do for your team as Harlan, Jessie and Ryker are all regularly in events since April/June. What’s the point of putting them in events if in the end we can’t unlock the collections ?

I don’t know if something is planned but without infos from Scopely (not even an ingame message to clarify the situation) I’m forced to bother you and ask on the forum for all the players who have been waiting for months.


Their plan is to force you to complete the collection not using your game skills or strategy, but using your wallet.


Red kites used to appear in overpriced rng crates in the shop. I’d bet the blue kites will show up there eventually as well.

Not sure it matters now. It seems that scopes gave up with duel specialist skills lmao


I need 6 blue kites for Roxie.
But we haven’t had anyway to obtain them in weeks.

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Wali, R-9, if that was the case there would already be an overrpriced crate with sh*tty odds in store but not a single one appeared since the beginning of summer.

PC, it matters because those toons actually exists. I’m not talking about new dual specialists but the ones who already exist and should be available. I know Scopely’s focus shifted to S-class but still Axel and Roxie exist and players who want them should be able to unlock the collections. If they don’t care they can send 10 kites of each color and a hundred flags to every player and get done with it but we should be able to complete the collections.

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That one deserves a like, my friend ! :laughing:

I laughed so hard that i bent over!

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We’re definitely due for a yellow or green dual specialist to hit the museum.


My guess is either they are waiting to see how monetization of S-Class toons turns out, or they have simply made not enough :moneybag: with the past dual specialists.

Yes, we need the red kites/ :triangular_flag_on_post:stash of some sort ASAP. @GR.Scopely

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Stash would be great. Trainers, Ulysses, Liliths, Red Flags, Black Flags and Kites…

A chance to get kites should also be added to the roadmap crate.

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I need 7 flags

Yes this. You would think that they would roll out a green and a yellow dual specialist before this s class and arenas but… Again more incoherent stuff.

A green Healing shield would be a nightmare… Strong idea I think. Or something with guardian ?
On yellow, command, on a roll or follow-up could do something nice too. But I like the idea of the ultimate neutralizer with a disarm/impair mix…

Like william

Kinda except a weapon can be disarmed and a spec skill cannot. But I get your point, there are more original ideas to find. Can’t do everything myself :sweat_smile:

How about a dual specialist of confounding (confuse on critical hit) and disarm? Now that would be annoying to deal with. Plus I don’t think we have much confounding toons other than Yellow Yumiko from the war wheel