Kites & Flags Roadmaps

Greeting survivors,

Please find below the schedule for the upcoming Kites / Flags Roadmaps:

  • Red Kites: Sat 09/14 6 pm PDT => Mon 09/16 6 pm PDT
  • Red Flags: Mon 09/16 5 pm PDT => Wed 09/18 5 pm PDT
  • Blue Kites: Wed 09/18 5 pm PDT => Fri 09/20 5 pm PDT
  • Blue Flags: Fri 09/20 5 pm PDT => Sun 09/22 5 pm PDT

Updated 09/30

  • Red Kites: Sat 09/21 5 pm PDT => Mon 09/23 5 pm PDT

  • Red Flags: Wed 09/25 5 pm PDT => Fri 09/27 5 pm PDT

  • Blue Kites: Sat 09/28 5 pm PDT => Mon 09/30 5 pm PDT

  • Red Kites: Sat 10/05 5 pm PDT => Mon 10/07 5 pm PDT

  • Red Flags: Wed 10/09 5 pm PDT => Fri 10/11 5 pm PDT



Yea like roxie will so anything against these S class “heroes”


Outdated toons what’s the point


You mean the maps we kept asking and begging for for the last few months while the characters they enabled us to get were useful and had a place on an attack defence team but they were no where in sight and no one would reply to the questions asking when the maps would be available?

yay release them now when the toons are worthless v S Class lol

ill probably get a message soon with the missing michone head i needed 2 or so years ago


No Thanks, you can keep your map .


Thank you for the elite item tokens!!! They are awesome.


What’s the point id you wont be able to finish last stage

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How many and what color flags are needed to level axel?

They outdated cause scopely either checked and knew they didn’t sell.

Gr you dont understand your game play dud you fxk so many people.over with this roadmap that you cant finish.ceep your stinking map

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Pointless, what’s next from the back of the outdated cupboard…

More Roadmaps please, they are being outdated, if you put 1 per month they’ll be useless even for territories lol

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What you all talking about obsolete tunes.

My 5* Prestige Edition Michonne will be T4 any time early 2025 and my 6* Tara could be T4 within a year or two.

Yo all talking out yo behinds


100% agreee

Ty this is the communication we all want :+1: @GR.Scopely


Better odds and more reds

Everyone has blues

We want green and yellow duo toons too. Dont put a paywall on, just give it f2p to make people happy

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Took people long enough to realize this. Yet still ask for defense toons.

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Too little too late and you damn well know it.
Dual spesh dont mean dick that is the ONLY reason there is a map

I actually think axel will help with sclass because of his rush and specialist skill due the fact you can kill a toon at 20% health with a basic attack and decaps as well.