Kites and Tiaras

Dear Scopely,

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I like collecting stuff, and as Axel is pretty much obsolete now, could you please continue to put up the red kite maps, but perhaps without the RNG bag at the end? It would be nice for the player base to have reliable access to this character.

Also, as I was in a drunken stupor over the new years eve and new years day, I missed one tiara. Is there a chance of getting one more, perhaps an offer or something? Or is this another case of too bad, so sad etc. I’m sure I’m not the only person this happened to.

Thanks and looking forward to a response on these points!


Scopes: working as intended


Team says no more kites or tiaras

Lol I missed one in a drunken stupor too don’t feel alone

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Most people missed one because game kept restarting in a loop for many players 9 days ago, and caused many players to miss out on a single tiara, and no compensation was ever sent out.
Tag G.R Scopely…maybe he can elaborate then take it to the team after the event is over so he can tell us nothing he can do since the event is over.


Behind priya axel is far from obsolete imo

Tiny violin

I asked about this a couple months ago and gr said he was gonna take it to the team 3x… I assume either he did and they laughed or he didn’t … But there was no reason for the kite and flag maps to go away … The dual specialist that those maps were for aren’t even useful for the most part anymore


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We knew dual specialists were over they gave like 1000 black flags away.

That’s a fair attack stat on the old boy

Axel is far way of obsolete. Just like somebody said above, with Priya he still can do some serious damage plus veteran rings and epic weapon craft. Also, he is not really too easy to earn since still need Wayland and Ryker to trade.

They will make it right for everyone by selling that 1 Tierra for $30 in the shop. Keep surviving :wink:

put him behind priya, he is so useful, decap with stun and double attack and his specialist skill.

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