Kites and flags

Guys, we know we asked for museum collections. But it would be better if we could complete those collections.

I have teammates ready to get Roxie… Except there is no kites/flags roadmap/event. I have Ryker and Wayland ready but there was no red kites available for months. Same for the flags. Getting those toons was expensive enough, I don’t think it’s that hard to give us roadmaps to complete the collections and upgrade the toons…


Yep I need blue flags🤗


@GR.Scopely ?

It is on my list of community feedback and will poke the team to hear back on this item :black_flag: :kite:


Do you know if we can expect that this month, @GR.Scopely ? And if that’s not too much to ask could we get something free this time ? I think the toons cost enough.

They completely moved on from these toons to S class and collections for premier toons now.

Yeah. I made the same comment to the support the last time I wrote them.

Having ideas is good, switching from one to another without caring for the first to be achieved isn’t.

Any info for us, @GR.Scopely ?

Can anyone (@GR.Scopely or @JB.Scopely) please shake up the Devs in regard to getting us access to resources for Dual specialists please?

It would be great if we could get a stash or something so that we have a chance to get kites or the other required resource that starts with F ( can’t put this in a post as my last was f’d and hidden) and ends in LAGS.

Have the roadmaps also been put on the backburner? I can’t remember the last F - Lag map that I did.

Would be great to have a bit more access to this.


Blue flag roadmap is up…

The blue you know what roadmap is up

Lol thanks mate. Wow kind of spooky to be honest I didn’t even know

That or fast reaction time from the gang.

Thanks @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely

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:joy::joy::joy: yeah right…

Ty peeps I missed it to to👍

I’m the King of wishful thinking

It is the list on demand to the Devs to get more Kites, Flags for the Dial Specs. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for that @GR.Scopely ! We got blue flags this week so I hope the rest, red kites and flags, will follow but I’m pleased to see we have someone reliable to talk to.

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Thanks mate much appreciated!!!

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