Kirkman series Rick Grimes

(Posted from mobile) I’ve been playing for awhile at this point and I’ve seen Kirkman series Negan available in a lot of places but I have yet to see Kirkman series Rick available and I really want him. Does anyone know what the deal is?

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I believe I saw Kirkman Rick in premier once, could be wrong though.

I’ve been looking but I’ve only seen all out war rick in there

I saw him in there before that wheel was last updated, maybe he was taken out or he just doesn’t show up on the wheel until you pull.

Oh that makes more sense because I never looked over that wheel very closely before this recent update.

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He’s after Shield Magna who’s shortly after the ascendable epics. Not too far out.

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Thanks man

Just got Kirkman Series Rick in the Green Token pull (March 2019).