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The Governor “A New Threat”

One of the most ruthless of The Walking Dead anti-heroes returns alongside Negan, Alpha, Beta, and Dwight in Kirkman Presents: A New Threat. In an exclusive interview, Robert Kirkman discusses the importance of The Governor in Rick’s life and how he affected many of the decisions made even after his death:

The Governor “A New Threat” is The Walking Dead: Road to Survival’s newest Legendary Tank. With his high durability and ability to Taunt three enemies with his Rush, he helps you control the enemy team while protecting your teammates. His specialist skill, Evasion, reduces the damage he takes based on the amount of AP he has, so watch him become more resilient as his AP charges up.

A Second Chance At Leadership

Try teaming him with Legendary Mirabelle “Road to Survival” #3. With Mirabelle’s leader skill that grants +40% HP and 40% attack to ranged teammates, The Governor becomes even more durable so he can more effectively taunt multiple opponents.

​​The Governor can also be used as part of a slower control strategy. For example, try teaming him with Legendary Abraham “Road to Survival” #3.” With these two Ranged Tanks combined, you can control your opponent’s damage dealers with taunts while your damage dealers close out the battle.

A Ruthless Protector and Team Accelerator

The Governor also comes with a powerful support ability in his active skill: “Up to two teammates get +20% AP.” This valuable skill, combined with his taunt rush, allows him to not only protect your damage dealers but also help them accelerate their rushes.

“A New Threat” The Governor is a versatile Tank that helps deliver the win for your team.


I did one big pull and got both the 5* and 6* version of him. It was rather neat :sunglasses:


Congratulations, we need more players like you. He works best in 3, maybe try second?


I’m hoping mirabelle, double governor, abraham, and yumiko is gonna be good.


“Try using him with Mirabelle…” because we have so many other 6* range leaders to choose from?:drooling_face: the choice is so difficult.


It was very delicate answer, idea was using carl or barker at first, but decided to go with boobs, cause why to hell not. Living on the edge.




I still don’t have a Mirabelle. :frowning:


Might not be a bad idea to put him behind Carl. Whenever I attack Carl I use an all green team so seeing the Gov might be troublesome.


RIP your team.


Hmm you actually want to say scopely is doing right? Kudos!


Mira’nın peşine tabiki de arkadaşlar lider becerisi en çok ona uygun…