Kirkman presents: Gi Joe rip-offs


Ok, so when Shiva force came out. It was obviously a blatant copy of GI Joes tiger force. Now this new team is another blatant ripoff of GI Joes python patrol. Right down to the criss-cross paterns. Cmon, scopes lets get just a bit original


I think the word you are looking for is homage.


Homage, maybe the first time. But twice?


The Shiva force was a tie in to some action figures that skybound was selling at Comic-Con this year, it’s not like scopley came up with it on their own. And what’s wrong with doing the villains as well as the heroes? While there are tons of things worth complaining about, I personally don’t see this being one of them.


Corny, cheesy, gimicky, dumb? Yes.

Rip-off? No. It’s an intential imitation. Did you see the commercial they made? The whole thing screams 90s toy commercial parody.

I wish they could have gotten over this oddly timed nostalgia chapter and done something more serious too but the event is giving me a free 6* so…


Exactly! I was going to say the same thing. People really shouldn’t jump to conclusions. It’s clearly an homage.


The best form of flattery :wink: