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Alpha - The First Whisperer

Introducing Alpha, the Leader of the savage and mysterious group: The Whisperers. A group that has survived by giving up their names and giving into the darkest of their survival instincts no matter what the cost. Hidden in plain sight thanks to her Walker skin-suit, Alpha is relentlessly cold and brutal in the way she deals with both friends and foe. The Walking Dead’s creator, Robert Kirkman, gives insight into the behavior and culture of The Whisperers in an exclusive interview:

Now in game, Alpha “A New Threat”, our first Whisperer, carries the Tough trait (blue) and is one of the fastest Legendary Damage Dealers in the game. With a Rush speed of 58 that deals 350% damage to one enemy, Legendary Alpha “A New Threat” can be part of an effective rush damage strategy. Along with her fast damage ability, she comes with the control ability, “Confuse 2 for 1” turn. This ability helps with a rapid damage strategy by putting you in the strongest position to win early. With Collateral Damage II, Alpha also does additional 100% splash damage to 3 opponents when she has a critical hit. This gives her a further advantage as a damage dealer.

Embrace Your Basic Instincts

Try teaming her with Mirabelle “Road to Survival” #3 and her ranged leader skill that contains +40% Attack to further enhance her damage dealing potential. Or pair her with Legendary Shane “Road to Survival” #1 and synergize with his 40% defense and huge bonus to AP to Tough teammates when taking damage. With the bonus AP from his leader skill, Alpha can deliver her damage even faster. You can also team her with Yumiko “Road to Survival” #3 whose burn damage can complement the steady attacks from Alpha.


Like all Legendary characters, Alpha comes with her own Active skill. Her active skill allows you to drain 20 AP from two of your enemies. This works well to slow down your opponent’s rushes while you use Alpha’s fast rush to quickly deal out damage. Alpha, our first Whisperer, is a dynamic and fast damage dealer.


Solid toon. Wish she was Red though. would be nice to have some more red 6 stars to combat Carl and Shiva. Maybe I should just make an all Mirabelle team.


She looks cool and all, but why is the “Whisperer” using the loudest weapon type?

It’s been a while since I read that storyline. I’m not crazy am I? They didn’t really use guns. Mainly zombies and melee weapons.


It’s a real shame that only those who spend will actually be able to acquire her…

She looks pretty fierce in her Legendary form, just wish she was avaiable in other places like Events or even an extremely dificult Roadmap.


You’re not crazy!

I’m not entirely sure everything that goes into planning out characters but I will definitely iterate this feedback!

Makes sense to me.


Yeah in the comics they never used guns only knives. damn I’m trying to remember negan’s nickname for beta. something mctwoknives. LOL.


sigh more people who didn’t actually read the comic.


I stand corrected. They usually use knives though.


Thanks I was just going to post that pic myself


Alpha does use a machete later on, so maybe we’ll get a yellow Alpha at some point down the line.

But perhaps that version will not wear the skin suit…



Calm down. Like I said, I wasn’t sure because it’s been a while. It’s not like it’s an iconic weapon for her.

So, thanks for the reminder, but no need to be insulting because not all of remember everything in comics that was published what? Over a year ago. Two?


That would be sweet. She just seems more natural as a yellow than a blue. But strictly gamewise I’d prefer it if she were red. #needmoreredtoons


What about those horrible reward tell the liveops to chance that NOW 150k for the first milestone its too much for a flak or any 4* gear