Kirkman Presents: A New Threat! [Official Blog]


Kirkman Presents: A New Threat

A Special New Style of Event

We’re excited to announce that today we’ll be releasing an all-new, 6-week event: “Kirkman Presents: A New Threat”. This will be the first event of its kind, all officially presented by The Walking Dead’s creator, Robert Kirkman.

The “Kirkman Presents: A New Threat” events will contain never-before-seen roadmap stories from The Walking Dead, exclusive Robert Kirkman interviews and giveaways, exclusive new 5-star Ascendable characters, and powerful rewards to obtain!

Take a look at what Robert Kirkman has to say about what players can expect from Kirkman Presents: A New Threat

Kirkman Presents: A New Threat

The first ever Kirkman Presents event, A New Threat, will focus on some of the most notorious villains from The Walking Dead. The Governor, Alpha, Beta, Dwight and Negan will be joining forces for the first time ever in Road to Survival!

The Walking Dead villains will reign over the course of the next 6 weeks. During this time you can look forward to the following:

  • Limited Time, Zero Energy Roadmap every Wednesday for 24 hours
    • Payout:
      • Red Can Pieces (as drops) which turn-in for a 4-Star Weapon Crate
      • Event Collectibles as completion rewards used for event collections
  • “A New Threat” Roadmap with a new Act opening every week
    • Unique storyline following the most vicious anti-heroes from The Walking Dead
    • Payout: Lucille Tokens used for chances at Legendary Gear, Epic characters and more.
  • Slay enemy Factions in an all-new map for All Out War: The Hilltop
  • A Free 4-star Character: Negan “Road to Survival #5” (within 48 hours of login)
  • New collections to obtain new 4-Star Rifle Weapon and 5-Star ascendable ‘A New Threat’ Dwight.
    • Rifle: Collect Rifle Parts from week-long roadmaps during the first part of the event
    • Dwight: Collect items from similar week-long roadmaps during second part of the event
  • The release of 6 BRAND NEW 5-star ascendable characters including Yvette Nicole Brown and the villains of The Walking Dead!

Through the Kirkman Presents: A New Threat event you have the chance to obtain a 4-Star Weapon crate(s), brand new 4-Star Dwight’s Rifle, and 5-Star Ascendable ‘A New Threat’ Dwight. Plus, starting off with the brand new Yvette Nicole Brown character coming this week, you’ll be able to recruit and obtain a bevy of new ascendable 5-Star anti-heroes and their 4-Star weapons in Recruits & Rewards.

Finally, in celebration of the launch of Kirkman Presents, we’re introducing a chance for players to win a Robert Kirkman signed comic book! From October 19 through November 1, every day that Facebook Connected players in the US, UK, and Canada (excluding Quebec) login and play, they will get another chance to win one of 14 signed comics. (Rules available here Robert Kirkman Presents Sweepstakes Official Rules)

Low Down on the Goods

Yvette Nicole Brown

Back in July, celebrity The Walking Dead fan, Yvette Nicole Brown, sat down with the team to design her own Road to Survival in-game character. Key for Yvette in designing her character was that she play an important support / helping role, similar to Yvette’s own personality. Taking all of that into account, Yvette is now ready for action!

Check out the the process of her character creation and hear Robert Kirkman’s thoughts on Yvette’s character.

In her 6-Star Legendary form, she’s the first 6-Star Fast trait Medic with a Focus-granting healing rush. She has Retribution II as her specialist skill. She also can recover 3 of your teammates from Impair with her Active Skill. Combine all of that with a Rush that heals while delivering Bonus HP, and Legendary Yvette is one of the best Medics out there.

In addition to Yvette, starting off the event players will have the opportunity to get items through their participation in a variety of new roadmaps during the event, as well as from participation in tournaments.

Lucille Tokens

Every week, a new Act in the ‘Kirkman Presents: A New Threat’ roadmap will open. Act completion will award a number of Lucille Tokens. These can be redeemed in the Token section of Recruits & Rewards for chances at 5-star ascendable characters, Gear (ranging from Ultra Rare Gear to Legendary Gear), and many other items. Tokens can also be earned as rewards in the various themed tournaments going out throughout the event.

A Man & Weapons

There will also be a roadmap opening up every Thursday that will reward different parts for Act completion that can be used for two very exclusive museum collections happening at different times during Kirkman Present: A New Threat. During the first part, various rifle parts can be collected to help redeem the new 4-Star Dwight’s ‘A New Threat’ Rifle. Later during the event, a similar roadmap will appear on Thursdays to payout collectibles needed to redeem ascendable Epic Dwight ‘A New Threat’ from the museum. A new act for these roadmaps will open every 48 hours, so make sure to login in regularly to collect your parts.

Dwight’s “A New Threat” Rifle:

  • Slot 1: +30% Attack
  • Slot 2: +10% HP
  • Slot 3: When attacking, a better chance to make a second attack with 150% Atk

Legendary “A New Threat” Dwight:

  • Leader Skill: All Tough teammates +40% Attack and +36 Crit.
  • Active Skill: Impair one enemy for 2 turns.
  • Rush: 3 Teammates +50% Attack for 3 turns / 2 attacks of 350% damage to one enemy + removing adjacent foes defensive buffs making them more vulnerable to attack.

Even More Weapons!

Last, but not least, a new Zero Energy Roadmap will be available every Wednesday (3 weeks) for 24 hours. This roadmap costs you 0 energy to play, so it can be re-run multiple times very easily. As a drop from successfully completing the roadmap, you’ll have a small chance to receive red can pieces. These pieces can be redeemed in the Museum for a 4-Star weapon crate, that guarantees you one of the possible 4-Star weapons inside when you open it. Be ready to run this roadmap until your heart’s content ad nauseam since energy won’t be limiting your ability to work towards that loot.