Kirkman Presents: A New Threat Feedback Thread


Hello everyone!

Just so we have it all in one place to help improve events as we go –

Please place all RKP:ANT feedback here!

Thank you!


I love. It is an excellent presentation of the whisperers.
Pretty good map “0 energy” good modality and we have good prizes.



Lol good prizes? More like higher rates on useless 5* gear. I’m expecting to get at least 9 pieces of 5* gear by the end of this event because 6* gear isn’t important.


great event , will see how it progresses, only thing i have noticed/annoyed at is the basic ultra rare gear in the wheel, i personally dont think farmable items should ever be in a prize wheel but thats my opinion, walkies and bags are fine but briefcases and labcoats arent


So far, so good as the event seems. I really like the collections, just wish Ezekiel’s sword had 8% AP gain to all teammates instead of reflect damage, but still great. However, I was really hoping the event would turn out something like the “pick your side” event where we got to choose between Negan, Dwight, or The Governor. I’m not gonna complain much about it since Dwight is the one I prefer the most out of the 3, but if we were given choices, there would be more variation in 6* teams. The big problem with 6*s as of right now is the lack of variation.

By the way, thanks for planning the release of more 6**s based on existing 5*s before 2018, keep this up and the variation problem will be fixed in no time.


Love the 0 energy roadmap and we can get Dwight for free


Very happy that there has been positive reception to the event so far from you guys.

~ Puts RTS Player Cap On ~ :tophat:
I personally really like the event so far. It is very story driven and that is what a good event needs.
Not only that but there is a lot to do and there is STILL lots of stuff coming!! :slight_smile:

Enjoy~ :zombie: :boom: :gun:


Overall, I’m happy with the event. My only negative is the 0 energy map. It shows up for 24hrs every Wed.That’s what like, 6-7 chances to farm the rm in order to get 25k. With the drop rates pretty low for me, getting a lot of 10 -15 plastic pieces, I’m not sure if I’ll even farm enough for 1 pull. I didn’t read that the red plastic pieces will show up elsewhere. At the moment, I have 900 pieces and feel I’ve done a decent amount of farming.


Dwight is rather solid for being free. The double attack rush works well with the Stronger Attack weapon mod (may try to get Impair when Attacking though).

Dwight’s Rifle is an awesome free weapon too.

Good stuff Shane!


Hell yea!

Good to hear!

I am excited to have her but I haven’t played around with her yet. She’s the most badass looking for sure!


I love this event, I knew something was coming, I’m grinding like tony hawk to get these plastic pieces, lol plus more is coming? I can’t wait.


@kalishane pm me her card, I beg you


I’m finding the whole thing a bit confusing to be honest. Will we be able to get the 6* negan? Because the Dwight does nothing for me outside of survival road to be honest.


I think this new event is great. Finally something to do and I’m loving it. I don’t even mind farming the 0 world energy roadmap.


At almost 2k attack hes gonna murder people on attack teams.


Two thumbs up! :+1: to the new story. Nice prizes right from the start.

I must agree with others that farm-able items have no place on a prize wheel. It’s like opening your Cracker Jack box and finding a sock.


Definitely liking this event so far, the only real complaints i have about it atm, like others have said is the 0 energy road map only popping up every Wednesday and the farmable gear in the token wheel. Other than that it seems like a pretty sweet event! :blush:


I still wish this event was a little more like the “pick your side” event where we could choose one “a new threat” toon between the others, just to make sure everyone doesn’t end up with the same thing in the end. Overall, there’s really nothing to hate about the event (except for the very limited appearance of the 0 energy roadmap and ultra rare gear in the token wheel, as what @BackInBlack said) and I think this will turn out to be one of the best, if not the best event this year.


I love the event for sure. But one thing, can you like increase the amount of red plastic like 200-500 red plastic per run bec the 25k red plastic requirement for a random weapon is kinda hard even though the roadmap is 0 energy. Plus the weapons that you’ve put on to the 25k weapon crate is random so its much better to increase the average drop amount of red plastic to around 200-500 per run. Arigatou Gouzaimasu!


Agreed. I’m actually quite excited it turned out to be Dwight and not Negan but there are SO MANY decent candidates for Walking Dead antagonists (Jeremiah, Derek, Sherry, Gregory, Spencer) there could have been more characters used for choose your side like collections. Still a solid looking event though. I’m excited for what’s to come.