Kingdom pt 2 inaccuracy ~spoiler alert~


Unless I’m mistaken this map is based off of Ezekiel attack on the savior outpost in which his forces are decimated with ultimate victory going to the kingdom. In the comics which to my knowledge is which universe the game takes place, Richard does die in this attack but he dies to the saviors, not a herd.

Just pointing this out since I have nothing better to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately, considering how handsome he is and awesome his toons are. He went out horribly in the roadmap.


Yup…(7 chars)


We’ve got leather daddy tyreese and cowgirl rosita in the game. I’ve long since given up on scopely’s faithfulness to the source material


Same here.


First richard, then shiva :frowning:


I agree. However i still enjoy Mara, Rosita, Aaron, Pastor dude(even tho i’m life long atheist ), Negan, Dwight, SImon, Jadis, Tameil, Tara, Franky, Tanya, Amber, Maggie, Enid, and Sexy savior dude who has a crush on Maggie i think his name is Alden


I’m just a tad bit disappointed that they just used the winter 6* characters instead of the all-out war styles. I know they’re ‘outdated’ but still.


I do agree with this, but in fairness I think the game has taken on a world of it’s own, with lots of characters that exist only in this game.

Not necessarily a bad thing, I don’t have a clue who half the toons are outside of the comics & Telltale.