Kingdom Part I, Act II, Stage 4 just broke TWD's main rule

Richard called them “zombies”. Nowhere EVER in The Walking Dead Universe are they referred to as zombies. Kirkman explains why walkers aren’t called zombies

@kalishane I should get like gear to level ten 6*s fully for pointing out this critical mistake in TWD’s universe. :slight_smile:


Never… Kirkman was adamant to never use the terms. TWD universe takes place in a world that zombies have never been heard of.


I’ll have to re read the comics, I’m pretty sure early on the term zombies was used. It stuck out because I remembered reading Kirkman saying he would never use it…

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Found it…


Been so long between parts tgat I s,is through the story, can remember what happened in first part, so what point even looking at storybon 2nd part :frowning:

Wow… nice. I overlooked that. What issue is that? I like the deflection to the term roamers though. lol Maybe it was used early to make sure people didn’t call them that on their own?

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It was an early issue, to be honest I just googled “the word zombie is walking dead comics”. And scrolled through images lol

The funny thing is, I don’t recall this being the only mention of zombies in the comics. The word tends to stick out like a sore thumb, and I don’t think this is the speech bubble I was thinking of…

Negan calls them zombies at some point, can’t remember which issue. But yes, zombie is a term in the comics which is what the game is based on, so no errors here

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Kirkman doesn’t have much consistency (Zombies, Walkers). I mean, I love Walking Dead but in the later issues…

I do not know How to put spoiler but is like a person kills a kid without remorse and less then a month he is like “Since one year Ago, I have changed”.

And he often forgets about some plotlines in the comics ‘-’. People ask for It, he put It Just to answer and bury the Topic xD

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Glenn also says it, in issue 2.

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