Kingdom looking for 3 players

Like the title says. Looking for 3. Would like to get overnight players but not required. #2 faction in whitfield. Got 10th last crw. Long time players. No “Minimums” per say but we strive for milestones in all events. Let me know if interested.


#2 faction and you only got 10th? Is it a young region?

Kingdom is awesome. Moonlighted with this crew during my merc’ing

Um 2x8=16. So solid performance.

Oh ok we are #3 with 23 people and made 9th. Just wondering.

And thats awesome, but who you face and how active the regions you face make a difference. Less active = less matches.

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We had 4 people out. And a couple that had prior engagements. And thanks wanderer. We have a great crew. I will be one of the ones leaving and am trying to ensure we are set moving forward.

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