Killed teammates gives one or 2 characters that extra ap to rush

Please fix that, it’s so unfair

You mean retribution?

I don’t mean retribution

Then what do you mean cause retribution has been around a while

It means what it means, read the title

If it’s not retribution, then it’s probably Waste Not that is applying damage to a character, giving it AP.

It’s not waste not either, does Tobin have waste not?

Pics or video or it didnt happen

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Could be an active skill giving ap to teammate. I will look into it.

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Perhaps you could be more obtuse and let people keeping guessing at what the hell you’re on about.

Or you could lay out the scenario this non-retribution non-waste not ap gain happened.


Spoil sport. What’s the fun in him accurately explaining his bug in a manner which assists in resolving it when we can play “what the f_ck he is on about”


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