Kicking it old school

Can i just say that i love this old school mode in arenas make me feel like the game’s alive again. Gj scopely.


Wish i could relate but you know. locked out of arenas . thanks scopes looking forward to my 4 tickets that will most likely go out to everyone anyway


I love being locked out of arena because it makes me feel like they don’t give two shits about us again



I love it as well, I just wish there wasn’t multipliers. Just go heads up and see who has kept all of those old characters polished and ready to go.


Have to agree, this Oldschool thingy is actually quite fun.

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I knew this day would come lol, everybody rushed to get rid of their fives but I always kept back a bunch ready to be unleashed


I spent $240 getting grenade launcher Bruce when he was a Premier. Always hope they make him Six star but now he has purpose again and I am happy. Who are you guys running?

I mssed this cause i was locked out…ohI well…next time.


Ben Lead, Lester, Red Shield Garrett, Skateboard Sandy and Cooper.
The idea was for Sandy to lower def, Lester to boost attack and then for Ben and Coop to finish them off. Problem is that with mods, they dominate so much that there was barely any opponent left with any sort of health by the time Ben and Coop came to attack. Not complaining though lol.

I felt the exact same way

That’s the team I am running on the left

No way , how is this possible. I though your team is the one on the right .


I ran a 1 turn offense consisting of LE Negan, Victor, CD Sandy, command Maggie, and command Heath. Slayed EVERYTHING 1st turn.

Definitely when I played it I had more fun then when I play the core of game. It’s sad how the game change. It’s not giving so much fun anymore.

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Best damn fun ive had in a while crocodile…i cant wait for those locked out to experience Old School…there’s just so many options with it…

Make mine OLD SCHOOL…!!!

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Defo need more of this old school one!! I had the most fun with this… If you want to keep players playing I truly suggest you keep this one and maybe more frequently :+1:


Now if we could just get a war or raid tournament in the same fashion.


So players liked it because they can win? Wake up scopely… give the f2p some damn toons.

I personally thought it was mindless. One turned everything as well. Guess it could be harder if players had five stun teams up but I hit before teams were set and didn’t want to waste anymore tickets.


Must be low or lucky all I faced were windowless teams.