Kicked off survivors club early

So i had survivors club since it came out and i just closed my bank account so i knew i wouldn’t have survivors club next month , February,. For some reason i got kocked off survivors club 3 days before the month endedb has this happened to any1 else? Now i cant get the radio i was going to get today and i can’t get the free gold mods for the weekly reward. Send me some advice on what i should do.

No payment, no opinion.

I dunno, message support :man_shrugging:

Just like you did right now lol


He/she comments on every thread tryin to be funny…not successful 1x
Anyways my guess is as was stated you likely joined on that date. The SC wasn’t opened on the 1st of a month which would make to much sense. And likely won’t be getting your mods, there are people that have SC actively and haven’t received any of the weekly rewards.


He was asking for advice on what to do not give dates of when he POSSIBLY purchased it. It might not even be correct as he never gave a date

I would just not buy it personally of they are going to screw you over like that and it definitely isn’t worth it anyway

But if seriously want it I would contact support and tell them what happened but fdpn’t expect much as they are pretty useless

Isn’t that what forumers do?

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Still he wasn’t asking for a date he was asking for advice on how to sort it out

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Please refer to this response, which should explain the situation and what’s being done to address it.

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There we go

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