Kicked from faction before I got rewards

Me and a bunch of other people got kicked from out faction before we got the rewards for survival road. We won the tournament and we haven’t received the rewards we worked hard for. It isn’t our fault, yet we have been made to suffer. @kalishane can you help?

Support, as expected, were useless.


U’ll survive…


i am one of them. how its possible that we can be kicked after wining event and not get rewards

Were u the silent type in the fac? Did u score decently? Did u piss ppl off? No one usually gets kicked for no good reason…


I’m one as well. This is insane. Your system allows you to leave or be kicked before rewards come in yet it is a requirement to stay in the faction to recieve rewards? That’s ridiculous and a shortfall in your programming, and nowhere does it warn you or say this anywhere for a player to be aware. How is this fair, 30 people spent a lot of time and some spent money to get first and support’s response is basically too bad? Like really


Yea that’s pretty ridiculous, tourneys over prizes were earned. No reason they shouldn’t get them


@CombatDevIl @CombatMan @Shawn.Scopely @kalishane

Another instance of the same issue plaguing faction SR tourneys, happens every time, and for no reason. Faction lock should be on until rewards are sent just like they are for every other faction tourney.

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I’ve logged a bug to have this issue addressed. Thanks for bringing it up again.


You probably shouldn’t have either been a dick or an under performer in the faction for them to give ya the instaboot.


I mean, I get the back to back paranoia of getting fac locked vut god damn.

The game only ss’ and distributes when the Reward Timer is distributed. It needs to check at end of event then distribute in accorance with positioning.

Don’t comment if you don’t understand.


Not unless they’ve recently changed their story. Historically you were ignored and would not be granted the rewards.

I understand but i’ve also lead factions. With the complete lack of Scopely understanding not to back to back faction events for this reason, leaders have to boot right after events or keep an under performer or asshole for the next event half of the time. If you get booted from a faction its normally for cause, 99.9999% of the time its because your scores suck and they are bringing someone new in, or your an asshole and they hate you. Other wise they’d ask you to leave.


No under performers. Honest mistake which has been rectified.

Props on The League gif.

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Thank you

Bruh, wtf happened? DE misses TTT

Long story :slight_smile: we’re still here.

So, our faction got disbanded after the event finished. Scopely have completely ignored us and awarded the first place prizes to second place. What the hell scopely.