Kicked faction members returning



I kicked a player who was inactive and they managed to rejoin.

So someone has to send them an invite. Or is there another way they could re-join?


If you have an open faction they can rejoin as long as they meet min requirements.
They can request to join and another member with privileges can accept.


But that would show up in my inbox because I am the leader?


Until they are accepted


if the faction is open they dont need to request they can just join

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If they’ve been kicked from a faction it shouldn’t still show up in the search though. You have to go out of your way to rejoin.

I’m kind of flattered my faction is that much in demand. Also surprised someone wants to join somewhere the leader doesn’t think they fit in.


I asked this question to support awhile ago and they told me if a faction kicked a member they could not rejoin unless they were invited even if they changed their name. BUT I’ve seen it happen too so don’t know what’s up


If someone has been sent an invite that they haven’t previously accepted, they can accept it months later (provided it is still in their inbox).

Also, the level at which you can approve new members is quite low (recruiter I think) so could have been any one of a number of your faction mates accept them in


That’s not true anymore, invitations expire pretty quickly now, within 1-2 days.

Also you can’t request to join a closed faction you’ve been kicked from so yes i believe someone would have to send an invite.

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