Kick out faction members mid war


There should be an option to kick a player from the faction mid-event.
Or at least during war. Some trolls won’t stop fixing camps at war, which means the war group is stuck in a loop if they’re losing.

This has happened lots of times and I think allowing this is the best way to fix the problem.


Use the retreat…FYI you can’t because there was a time when booting before rewards screwed over alot of players.


i have seen this and i think its double agents working for the other side. they will come into your faction, repair camps, keep you in wars with certain factions, not read chat when you are telling them to stop, or they read it and ignore it and have a good laugh. take down all the info you can on the player, kick them out, never let them back in again, get line ID’s, make sure the person is an active talker, make sure they understand the rules. if they try to do that repair crap when you tell them not to, then cancel the war and restart it so he/she is not in the war party, or retreat.


A possible option would be to allow leader & coleader to remove people from war party before search started. Those removed could not rejoin for a set cooling off period. And if they are ranked as newcomer they can’t start search.

It would suck that they share in finishing rewards but you could stop them from disrupting battles.


vett new faction members before the event starts. Interview them prior to them joining through line or whatnot.