Khabib vs Mcgregor

Right, so can’t play the game. What better to do than sit and watch some UFC!
Whose excited for the fight? Comment down below who y’all think will win and why? Let’s start this debate.
#teamkhabib #teammcgregor

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Conor by KO

I’m staying up all night with a few beers to watch me favourite Irish man knock his teeth out clean ko first round I recon will be a kick to the head

Lol same here I’m up all night to get lucky… but I have to say I kinda want Khabib to win. But I love them both. (I’m mainly rooting for Khan in because I met him in real life)

I don’t think there will be a knockout they are both really good odds for mcgregor to win by ko is 25/1

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Khabib lands an early takedown first round Connor expenses a lot of his gas tank trying to get up the whole 1st round. Second round more of the same with Khabib on him like a wet blanket. 3rd round Connor is completely gassed gives up his neck and taps. That’s my prediction


I guess we will see, won’t we?

I’m pumped can’t wait

AIU just made a video on this. I think Conor will win because he’s cool, and i have to root for my atheist brother

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Conor, KO in the first round

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Wow that was a mauling

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I mean, I wanted mcgregor to win but he didnt really start fighting properly until the third round after he got put on his arse. By then he was worn out. Khabib deserved to win it but the aftermath of the fight is a different story. How long until an army of Irish swarms his group? :joy: :joy: :joy:


Went how I thought just a round late


Not the result I wanted. Funny thing is, all the social media hot takes are more entertaining than the main event.


Both fighters and their fanbases had a brawl after the fight. Khabib may lose his UFC champion title.


Ayyyyyyy Khabib for the win

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In fairness Connor is only the 2nd fighter to even get Khabib into a 4th round so he did better than 24 others.

But yeah, Khabib & his team’s actions as the match was ending were well no way.
I’d much rather see criminal assault charges than UFC fines in this case.

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Obviously Khabib jumps out of the ring and attacks Dillion Danis. But, McGregor cheap shots Khabibs cousin on top of the cage. Then he gets jump. Watch the replay. McNuggets started the fight in the ring.


I’ve re-watched and I can’t see the shot you are mentioning.
Or did it happen earlier in the match?
At the end there Connor was on the floor exhausted and didn’t do anything before Kabib went mental.

Anyways, its clear that Kabib is vulnerable to trash talking, so I guess we’ll be seeing/hearing much more of that ^o^

They should make a Kabib toon for the game who has a specialist skill that means all taunt effects will hit him and only him.

It was after the match

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