Keys for Sale - $75



And I am sure, some will not open their eyes carefully and purchase the wrong one… But that’s not the main point…



Omg! You are sooooo right :joy::joy::joy: prepare for the onslaught if rage posts.

No anime?

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Oh my Gawd…

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That’s because Scopely’s code is too primitive or their programmers are just not smart enough.

They could have just labelled it “Hilltop key”

FYI I opted for Maggie in the roadmap already. Thought it would be smart enough to offer me only the saviours key…


Who would pay any amount of money let alone $75 or $100 for Maggie or John especially when one of them was completely free. They also don’t even throw in the weapon for that insane amount. Smh.

Today I also saw a “deal” that had 1000 tubes for $35 bucks and another that had 1200 tubes for $8. Both were on “sale” at the same time. :smirk:


Scopely spilled some syrup from their pancakes on the 1 calculator they own back in '17.

Well @IronandWine , the “deal” is knowing not to spend for the test tubes. You can’t put a price on knowledge…well you can, and that price is $35

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Surprised more people here aren’t Calvin and Hobbes fans. That comic was on point for this worthless offer

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On an unrelated note, I don’t know if this has been fixed but you can actually farm (yes, FARM) gold mods in one of the maps if you went for John.

Those who went with Maggie can’t.

Once again, good job on another screw up. Wanna take this to your team again @JB.Scopely? Lmao

Buy Kingdom Hearts 3 Cheaper.


Yeah, and Maggie hard mode gives gold mods for map completion

But only if you managed to decode their misleading labels…

Oh the nostalgia hit me

When you walk away

You don’t hear me say

Lmao. This is good. Good stuff.