Kershaw region future

Kershaw region wasnt on the list for last war event, CRW nor AOW, then You gave us AOW with 5hrs delay to the rest regions, why we were not included on the list?
(Thanks for AOW, but we need CRW,)
Are Kershaw gonna be included in War Campaigns October 18th or not?
Do we need to move to another region for War Campaigns?

I’d definitely recommend moving, even when I was there in the regions most active spell; it was a downward spiral for activity.

I think they’ll be looking to close the lower activity regions and centralise to increase activity in others… just my two cents.

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@Metz-O Some regions like Kershaw were missing on the list and as such were given AOW with the delay that you know. That being said, this should not impact the War Campaigns in the future for those regions.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.


Thank You for Your reply, I appreciate.
Im counting for a CRW next time, which is easier for us to play in this region.

Come to Jefferson, we need more factions

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