Kershaw is too corrupt


Just wanted to stress the issue of how corrupt kershaw is , there is literally two whole factions hacking and are taking prizes from legit players, and the most annoying thing about it is that it is obvious who the hackers are they are winning tournaments back to back with low prestige and have insane player levels , how are we supposed to play here? No amount of money can compete against these guys who have unlimited resources, which has discouraged many players to quit in this region and it has only been out for about a month. Please help us !


i like how the guy who came in first in the raid event was prestige 2 with an S1 grade. Seems legit


Hackers just don’t get dealt with it seems. That same faction that has hacked it’s way to 2 crw wins recently has been reported 100s of times, the threads get closed and deleted with no action taken.

Hackers are still running rampant in several of the new regions, along with transfers it should have been priority one but instead we get more new features that will undoubtedly be untested and half broken on release


Kershaw was by far the worst of the new regions. It’s absolutely absurd.


They take from people who actually are legit it’s aggravating


This is the issue people should be upset about. Not low level noobs getting pulls for $3 bucks in new regions


People not upset about low level noob getting that offer they are upset because the veterans didn’t plus they lying to our face about it’s a mistake


Lol scopely doesn’t give a hoot. They love hackers because then the rest of the region pays to keep up with them


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