Kershaw is corrupt


I don’t mind that you keep taking my thread down so I’ll keep posting it until something is done, help us get rid of all these hackers regions flooded with them and they take all the top prizes from us legit players and we get placed lower than them every tournament, they are running four star teams and beating legit s4 and s5 teams for Christ sake, you say report the issue through support but nothing gets done, I’m not tryna whine and cry over the forums I just want you guys (scopely) to take action and help us , so go ahead and delete this thread again but at least I got you to read it


cant scopely just deal with obvious hackers?


ok It’s a new region. Scopely is gonna have to fix Kershaw soon. Level 105 at Prestige 8 that’s weird


Ah no you are going thru whatever u didn’t want to happen,scopely help me, some1 help me please.


By far the worst of the new regions. What a debacle it was. Sent me back to my original region real fast. Disgrace.


Crazy though right? I went to other new regions to see how they are and it’s like paradise lol


Some people never seem to understand why they delete things like this. You think a forum will wake them up about this? They want to hide this because they don’t want to wake up anyone to search how to do this and start doing it too. Thats why we should mail scopely directly about this rather than showing everyone. The same goes for talking about VK. Dont show it here, some who are not on there yet might go and buy them some hacked coins too


Pretty standard… when edgefield came out … we spent 3 months fighting off hackers and tinder kids… then in one or two swoops scopely took care of it all…

Keep reporting… they will get to it. They are just slow.



I’m not talking about vk and I agree with you on that it’s stupid people showing prices and stuff but this situation I contact support and they give me very generic responses on here i can actually make them see the problems, support brushes off almost every issue


I think there’s a tread about how to report hackers. And its definitely not by starting new topics about it. When peoole want to do the same they’ll find a way. And u see scopely slowly learns. They will even unlink facebook now. Who ever saw that coming?


when @CombatMan was around, he was very helpful in taking down cheaters that were posted on the forums. He was one of the few saving graces of posting these cheats here because reporting them any other way has been useless


If you haven’t been a new region you have no idea how maddening it is. I don’t blame the op for being frustrated. There’s literally nothing you can do for months. And the reporting sucks. If you have proof of a Mac hack it shouldn’t take months.


Posting shit here wont solve anything. Maybe send jb private messages so he can speed things up. @JB.Scopely


Please make contact in game with me Tinus from The Resistance


Lol. What new regions? I know most I’ve talked to hate the new region their in.

Also, this happens in every new region. Took about 2 months for dekalb to get the hackers. It is bc the same group just keeps hopping to the newest region after being banned.


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