Kentucky and Cabin IMPORTANT when collecting 810k XP

Just as a nice gesture now that i dont need it but when claiming the 810k xp bonus when completing 100 raids or getting to level 130,135,140,145

if you hold Kentucky and Cabin in territories at the time of claiming these bonuses you ofcourse get 25/50% on top of the 801k XP

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For many weeks i was asking JB what’s the correct amount on each level, then wondering why i would get 46% to next level then another time 58% etc

so before claiming

810,575 x 25% = 202,643.75
810,575 x 50% = 405,287.50

each level is 2,161,401 xp

810,575.00 = 37.50% NO TERR
1,013,218.75 = 46.87% 25% TERR
1,215,862.50 = 56.25% 50% TER


Good to know, thanks!

Thanks for posting here, now this “bug” can be properly “fixed.” Cue the nerf to bonus xp.


Is this correct? I tried it before when I hit 135 and 140 and didnt get any bonuses. I had both xp territories also.


Fixed in a seconds mark my words

i was working with JB and LAdygeek, this is 100% Legit and is working the way its meant to … it wasn’t general knowledge so by posting it on here isnt showing scopely a bug it is presenting the players with 50% extra bonus XP to level up faster

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Its actually supposed to be 2.5% not 25%

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So you got it out of the elitist chats? :grin:
Thanks for sharing!

@Noah_Vale this is not a bug indeed, but the intended perk of select Territories!

Stack Territories :zombie:


No i was questioning the whole xp levels and the incremental levelling up as the level progressed to which you stated theres no increased, its all a flat rate.

nobody had these findings i do believe before i questioned it

Fair enough, @JB.Scopely , but you can’t blame someone for being a skeptic/cynic at this point :wink:


100% correct, I have reach level 150 on main account and 146 on my second, ive tested it out last few weeks and seen the differences with holding xp areas whilst claiming them

its also not shown which is why it evaded me for a while, i would see 46% until next level once i claimed the normal 130 level 810k xp then moving up to 135 it said 58% or thereabouts. this lead me to believe that it wasnt a default amount each level

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