Kenny the Boat God A must have

Made mainly to show the power of Kenny’s buff, to ensure their should be no picking between like 1k cards or kenny because kennys a must have read the description on the video


Just got him yesterday. Now, gotta upgrade him.

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Hell yeah he replaced my doc Steven’s because hes kinda fragile and dies way faster now

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Lol Priya Lead with 175/40 Rampage, Princess, Kenny, Doc and Rick (any Command) a cpl of TP4 and Priya easy got 22k ATK.
Your Mercer is just a total fail in that Off. You gave up Turn 1 Control with Doc and save Turn 2 rush with Priya and Kenny. In my Region you would be Dead before you rush without Doc in attack

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Next time u post a vid, try to accelerate the frame rate a bit more… u’ll be more pertinent

Still can’t fit him into my team,

Nah he just gonna slow u down normally his rush should be in his active, later u will realise he’s useless and giving him space in ur team is way too much

S class Kenny is really good for a ftp toon. He makes rampage Priya pop off so much! Idk how some people can complain about him - he’s a free toon and really useful if used in the right team. +75% attack, focus and +50 crit to all is amazing! Don’t forget he can revive as well. Probably one of the best free toons we will get for a while


Obviously I dont wanna use doc anymore it’s boring

Yes it is absolutly :see_no_evil:

Exactly Best f2p Char but he make every noob play Off very effective. Def is all the Whales pay for now. Defs like Jacki, Dbl Trader with Dbl Mr Lui will be the once they can not bypass easy at least. But :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: bling bling bling Scamply^^