Kenny Event:Week 2 help

Hello everyone

I will Help you get week 2.

In the first category we will be reviewing the Weekly missions in your Missions Tab and then the Tournaments and how to be effective when doing them.


This missions isn’t what it says, Instead of entry you need atacks.

So just atack 5 times and you should be set.

Personally I hit and flee cuz I dont wanna rank high on the Qualifier.


Easy mission

Just train 2 stars and your golden.

Level Up

You are probably gonna get this done fairly Quickly since you will be participating on the level up Tournaments

But in case you can’t for who knows why.

Take some 1 stars…use the 2 stars you trained before, and profit.

World Map

This may look a litle hard but dont worry.

Just replay 1:1 over and over again.

The cost is only 3 energy

3x25=75 energy To complete.


In case your low on materials you can simply take a 1 star weapon and put any low stat you want.

Should take less then 15 minutes.


The only Hard one for this week.

To be honest it isnt really hard, Stage 4:4
Costs only 3 energy and has only Yellows.

Congratz 400 banners are now your to put towards Kenny.

Now let’s see the tournaments for this week.
(Disclaimer I’m gonna be repeating some stuff from the Week 1 post sorry)

Solo Level up

Now I may seem a litle controversial here.

Simple thing is to just Train a ton of 2 stars (like 600 or more) and then pop 2/3 ygl’s…

You can use even 5 stars or 6 stars if S class is something you dont have much off.

You can Farm survivors on 25:8 they can drop alot there.

You can buy alot of Gloves and shirt every week I think for 70 gold.(350 gold I think for all of them)

Gear may be hard for you but you can buy alot of it on the League store .

Always buy in advance.

Faction Onslaught

No matter the faction you should be able to get at least 300 wins to get All the banners.

In theory 2 days decide by 30 minutes is about 96.


Theoretically speacking it’s possible for a 1 man faction to get the Banners.

Solo Level up

Same thing as the one above.

Solo Survival Road

copy and paste go brrrrrr

Ima get to some MATHS now

The Event is 2 days long

You get a fuel every 15 minutes

so you end up with 168 fuel
(so close…)

Now every SR has 5 tiers each of 25 stages

Divide that that you have 48 fuel to spare.

Theoretically Speaking it is possible

But let’s be realistic Nobady has the time or patience.

So just have a few cans with you just in case and be active.

Faction level up


jesus duck


Cant help you much here.

This is mostly gonna be depended on how fast your fa tion can fill and on your own team.

Proabbly milestone rewards.

I’m gonna struggle on this one.


Well that is it folks!

Holpe this helps you get passed Week 2.

Let me know how your doing in the event and how I can improve this.


World stage 4 level 4… energy is 3 enemies are yellow… praise kenny

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Now i need 700 banners to get S kenny

Good luck fren

How many pulls has everyone of you done on the stash.

Here’s mine atm:

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Congrats, i need only 1 stash to get anniversary avater

Praise be the boat God.


Our lord and saviour!

Boat God!



I’m so happy :’)

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Or you can do world map 1-2 there are 3 humans per stage and they fast I did that over and over again also only need 8 more pulls to get him

Yea but the stage I mentioned above only has yellows so if you nee to get done that specific one Its easier

Incredible contribution big thank you man. I’m sure these guides coming from you are helping some players, keep them coming.


Glad to know I am helping somehow.

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I got a whopping 3 pulls :rofl: :rofl:

bruh Foolow my guides!

Lol, what fun, I like the enthusiasm in which you write how to complete the missions, while it is true that most are easy to understand, you take your time to break them down, and make them understandable to everyone. :rofl:
Good work, Rene frog. :+1:

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When I started playing I dint understand anything.

I kept asking peopol and nobady would awnser me.

only 1 player would take their time and break then down for me(my english then was non existant so I didn’t understood much)

So I dont want more players to be like I was.

This info should be ou there for everyone.

I have. I have completed all of the flag missions thus far its not a question of that. I just haven’t trading in my flags, those pulls were from the free ones from scopes screw ups.

Personally I dont see a reason in waiting much.

I mean just use them and boom.

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