Kenny Baby Bottle Silencer (5 Star Weapon)

Any more information on this weapon?

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Just lol

Probably an Alert weapon. Probably custom art. Probably has a baby bottle as the silencer.


There you go @T_just_T :blush:

Poopie :+1:

Solid weapon throw stun on it nd then attack up twice.

It’s almost like I called it. Magic.


Lol u did as well… what’s tomorrow’s lotto numbers? :thinking:

Or keep how is use on atk only and buff atk stats to 50. Some options, but think urs is better

Not super excited by it but good enough to get and keep in the arsenal without needing to waste tokens on getting a stun/slow

this weapon is ehh but I have 1 quesion witch could make this weapon op.

If this weapon has splash damage and it splashed.

Do the splashed enemies also get the Slow effect?


It might. I have a 5* Rosita with a bleed mod and a splash weapon and when it splashes the surrounding enemies do get bleed also so you could be on to something

I think mods can proc via splash, but not weapon effects. Not 100% on that though

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