Kenny and Pryia combooooo

Dis vid gud.

see it.

Very gud.

tell me wot you think.



I think I’ve changed my mind and I do want Priya, I just don’t want to give Earl my first born

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I think it’s too slow. :sweat_smile:

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I mean you can leave it on auto and it should work.

But I’m not big into auto teams.

I can usualy turn 2 any team but I picked some harder teams here.

Sorry I dissed you steve

Nice atk but these aren’t meta teams tbh


I did a video just like this and tbh kenny and priya arent real great for fighting Jackie or Javie teams he shouldn’t really put meta teams in the title but who cares let’s be honest

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If the enemy defence isnt turn 1 I have been able to beat almost everything…

Havent faced a Javie team but could just make a bleed team for him lmfao

Priya Rampage makes any noob good lol. I still dont have one after 30 tries :’(

haha double atack rampage first try lmfao

Me too Bob’s a noob tbh

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