Keeping war tokens already claimed

Im keeping my war tokens already claimed. Like someone said nothing in the stash worth getting cept the completion toon. Please uncle scopely let me know if they will carry over in the next few days. Ps alot of players quit this season making me an oficial power house bump if you want first place —!?^^∆

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This is why we can’t have nice things smh


No, tokens don’t carry over. I’ve asked before and this was the answer. They convert to supply depot points

If they did carry over you just made that not happen. They will now replace the token in the next war with a new one so this won’t work. Delete your post.

When will people learn not to mention these types of things on the forum? Smh. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


what if you dont claim the reward from inbox? And claim it in the next war ~15days after?

Actually, I think OP mentions he’s already claimed them…

I never kept them from the last one. Do they show up in the inventory?

Either way we have to see where scopes goes from here. Do they continue to use the same token every war or will they now switch it up so people can’t take advantage of this loophole as it looks like the cat is out of the bag.

Simplest option would be to give people what they want and set the stash up to carry over. Would need tweaking to ensure that factions finishing top across multiple wars aren’t finishing the whole thing. Probably would eventually need to reset

I believe it’s now the third war in a row offering a war stash as the main reward structure.

While this question has been pretty popular during all of the latest wars, let me just state this clearly:
War tokens are designed as seasonal rewards, eligible for the war duration only, and will not carry over from one war to the next.

Players should redeem their war tokens to benefit from their war rewards, as unused Tokens will be converted in Supply Depots when the Stash expires (x100) :slight_smile:




and for the third time the community says they dont like it. yeah, ive got two toons out of it but lesser factions dont war cause they dont get chit from it…

ill let my 38 war tokens expire rather then click 38 times to get chit, the rewards are that bad!


I shall be leaving mine unclaimed. Might as well leave them there considering the stash is completely out of touch with what amounts to a ‘reward’


Trait trainers for 5*s and other assorted common items don’t benefit me or many others. It’s obvious y’all want people to spend on top of it for an actual “reward” but the lame characters in the stash make it real easy to say nah


If this had been the 3rd war with the same stash, my faction would’ve made their first 6* pulls today at a similar pace to wheels. With the addition of the extra stash items (contents of stash another argument and for another time) I’d tip my hat and congratulate you on improving on the wheel prize model.

Instead, we’ve not got any 6* and at the current rate, we’re not going to get any. Instead those extra, auxilliary stash prizes (citizen trainers) are now my main prize… of course, we have the Lilith. But what 6* do we spend it on? War isn’t giving us any now, and cutting League coins means none of us are making lucky pulls either. Bar special events, our 6* intake has fallen drastically. We can’t keep those mild spenders on the run if we’re running antiquated teams.

Surely the best and most simple solution for everyone is to have the stash run for at least 2 months like the wheels. This allows most tier groups to get 6*s, your rank determining when not if. Then I would indeed call it an improvement and not a regression.


Been echoing that since it started. The lower factions will never get a new character this way. It’s a miserable system. Even back in the day, they could save for a five star pull after a few months and that was exciting. What do those factions face to look forward to now? Come on @JB.Scopely surely you guys can see this issue no?


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


For once,I agree with you

Probably , that’s why I hardly saw anyone from weaker factions…
They just completely lost interest. Who can blame them ?

Edit: hopefully , they will include some more burts and bloody shirts next time.


You can see how our pleas always fall on deaf ears. Not only do they not care that anyone outside of the top 6 can earn a pull for free they expect 7-25 to pay for the privilege of making a pull from a stash with 4 mostly garbage toons.

The sad truth is people must be spending for the extra dozen or so tokens needed otherwise they wouldn’t keep the format.

It’s laughable. Everyone knows what they need to do. ######## #####!


This would be funny if it were meant to be a joke but it’s not and no one is laughing.

The war stash and reward structure is trash just like what you filled the stash with. 5-star trainers, item and weapon tokens, tiny amounts of medals? Please.

You can keep it along with your near useless supply depot conversion tokens too.