Keep releasing shields and revives

Because this game is just so much fun now. Shit is broke. Bring back the 100 attack towers to balance this shit.


One of the most boring CRW to date. Matchmaking is ridiculous. Endless amounts of double shield, 3 revive toons, oh and those fancy maxed out mods from VK hacks and perfect weapons on every toon.This is the only event I look forward to and the game dynamics and current meta is garbage.


Honestly at this point I hope so. It’s out of control.

Yea. Revives and shields aren’t bad enough. Let’s give them mods.


I’ve had 1 war and is rather bfv.



Maybe but come on. In the 2 plus years of five stars there were way less shields and revives than there currently are in the year of six stars. They just draining everyone’s pockets with these toons but in the process have made this game stale imo. Just ranting.


Just keep spending


Give us some gear scopely lol

Still a winner here but I can def see how people hate this.Not fair to new players and old ones just getting sick of it and no Great Legacy characters for them.Gear short comings bugs etc… common throw everyone a bone here.this sucks

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No there weren’t. There were more 5* shields and revives than in the 6* era. They just weren’t used as often they are now, because it wasn’t as effective a team build as it is now, and it was harder to pull them or get them in other ways. But there were more shield and revive characters overall.

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Yeah double revive characters were awful. Also no way to recover stun/impair from active skills. The problem isn’t necessarily the presence of shields and revives, it’s dearth of counters like disarm and decap

It really has become quite boring indeed.

Complete waste of time now. Teams running three shields and 2 revives. Complete joke.

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Lol I’ve barely played this CRW at all it’s garbage. As others have said match making is terrible. 8v8 is garbage never did work only for the most active factions. 6v6 seems to be where it’s at. Countless pay 2 win sheep bought out their teams and mods/weapons no skill and no talent so ever no offence to collectors though. I easily put up 148k on the last AOW was fun 6v6 our faction filled a lot. Well done scopely another weekend by the pool in the hot sun for me with my loved ones instead of fighting a war that’s clearly designed to punish factions that have jobs or lives.


^^^you nailed it lol

I never encountered full shield and revive teams in the five star era. Add mods to these haracters and its a disaster


Thank you like I say my faction isn’t particularly active but we do fill up 6 out of 6 almost all the time this would make us quite a competitive faction unfortunately with the current format of 8 Out of 8 it just doesn’t work for us because we have lives we have jobs.

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The revives in the 5* era didn’t have lead skills so you couldn’t stack 4 revives 1 shield or 3 revives 2 shields, etc