Keep it up if you want change!


It’s a noble effort, but the damage is already done :confused:

Daily Downloads are down another 3000 from last week as well

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The roster cap is keeping me from playing I have no desire to level anyone up :sleeping: sitting at 1000 toons/ trainers.


Hah! 7 characters

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Only a small up trend for this last week, probably due to the two people who spent on Wayland.

Remember not to spend on tapjoy offers either, since scopely gets a piece of that pie also.

2 people is a ridiculous underestimate

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Convince me otherwise


Why do you take things so literally. Jesus Christ

lol what an asshole team

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A fool and his credit are soon parted…or something.


VK purchase there.


Nah the person is in my region and they are legit funny thing is they had #united on their name lol

insert Ron Burgundy “I don’t believe you” gif here

VK russian fuckers.
Or whatever the fuck I don’t know.

Maybe, but the new event gives you Wayland if you hit certain milestones. You get one for 4000 cork screws, you get another for 9500 cork screws and a third if you finish the Wayland event. That potentially leaves the guy one short (could be a draw from the wheel) by spending a metric crap ton of cash.

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