Kay in prestige tokens?


Why go for Kay in the stash when shes hidden in prestige tokens?


Only thing I can think of why people would buy stashes would be because their luck is like mine, only get 4*s out of prestige tokens.


I’ve gotten 7 5*s from prestige. Best was limited edition Negan. Sweet pull!! Congrats!


I bloody wish. Theory is that certain accounts are deeply flagged and others are greatly improved in “luck”. I’ve never got beyond Siddiqs and Fast Ultra Clems.


Well, I did get ascendable Carl from there too…


I just got 4* Richard from my prestige pull. Congratulations on your Kay.


I got my first 5* from prestige tokens recently, after about 9 months and a lot of pulls. It was either Limited edition Dwight, or Whisper war Heath, can’t remember. I think they’re both pretty useable. Thoughts?

And if you don’t really care about that, you’ll still love this goat.



Maybe because you could guarantee yourself a kay with the stash and not another probable joebob from prestige?


I’ve gotten red rick, tyrese neut, and revive Herschel from prestige. This was before the updated wheel


Whaaaaat? My life is ruined


I got 5* timothy. First time i’ve had him so thats a win.


it was the same as yellow mich, she was in the last stash and i got her from the prestige pull…weird…