Kapoor's rush being nefred!

It went from a line to one!!!

Mine still says line


Mine too but maybe he’s on the process of being nefred?

Wouldn’t surprise me

The card in the tower says to one enemy

The card in roster says to a line of enemies

Wouldn’t surprise me if they did nerf him.

Sclass vs non


You’re right! I just had a feeling they’ll do something to him lol

Gotcha, sclass card is nowhere to be found. Hard to tell. Card in roster is sclass. My bad :grinning::grinning:

You never know with sneaky scopely

Funny, German version: One enemy and ONE adjacent enemy get maimed…


Same for French one

Same Spanish

He wasn’t nerfed after realesed , he was nerfed befor released,
Are you kidding me a S class toon that deal 1500 maim , really
I know useless 6* that do more than that .
Not to mention s class toons can get up to 17k hp , that means Kapoor need to rush 12 times to take down a tank toon , funny when his description said he is a damage toon

Y’all chill the maim to one enemy is from the 6* version in monument which doesn’t exist bc he was given out as the S Class which does the maim damage to a line of enemies… he is not being nerfed, y’all r being nerds lol

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That’s the 6 star, it doesn’t say S Class on it. The 6 star does it to 1 enemy. The S Class does it to a line.

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You can tell just by the 2 separate names of the rushes.

the s-class is still a line of enemies. Be more visual aware my friend


That’s cuz that’s the 6* version not s class
There’s no nerf
And it isn’t even the rush which makes him powerful
You make him tanky and he takes 5 years to kill

The one in the tower is NON-S class, even though you get his as S class from the museum. Perhaps he’s going to drop as 5 * from wheels? Hopefully there’s no nerf as he isn’t “meta” compared to other S class heroes as it is.

Gotcha, sclass card is nowhere to be found. Hard to tell. Card in roster is sclass. My bad

I see you missed my 2nd post :grinning::grinning::grinning: