Kapoor adrenaline rush is not meta relevant

Like seriously 1500 maim damage to s-class only tickle them, fix that AR or take ur garbage back

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he is no attacker he is a speedbumb in war and do that magically

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Well then dont use him…nobady is forcing you to use him you can use some 6 stars that can be pretty good against the S class Meta…Like Kenny with 30 rings.


I miss my old 5* all-Kenny anti-melee team: Red Kenny lead, 2nd red Kenny, 2 Green Kennys, Blue Kenny for healing.


s class Kenny needs to happen.

It will happen.Just have to believe

Really wish his rush had heal but his active skill heal is nasty and has cost me fights amd his rush with 80% defense makes tthese s class teams a wall but i do agree his rush needs something extra, heals, more maim, bleed, heal reduction but he is solid behind pete, give him a stun gun, hp mods and he stalls and if he heals for 75% hp… :roll_eyes:


He’s only good for eating up some priya attacks. Stalls players, that about it.

You forgot Letter Kenny, tarps on bud

We called this one, he yellow negan with a heal.

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