@kalishane - will you please explain why Scopely hates Europe

So Blitz war. Starts at 10pm on a Wednesday and ends at 7pm on a Thursday. Even staying up for a couple of hours after the start, squeezing a war in over breakfast and maybe one last one at the end of the working day I might, if I am lucky, get four active hours. Why are events not 24 hours long (or multiples of)?


5 a.m in asia…and other events always start at 1 a.m…they are not hating europe they hated asia…hahaha

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Fair point - 24 hour long events make it fair for everyone. Come on Scopely - stop hating Europe AND Asia.

I could wear a 23 hour event to allow time for rewards to be distributed, but why 21?

Easy. Twd is an american show, with an over the top american cowboy police officer, the developer of the game is probably american and the server is based in america. These were not the strongest points to explain, because: i think 80% of the players are american, 15% eu and 5% rest of the world. Im an european player and been calling for changes since the start. They will never happen. American players always had 2-3 weekend evenings for war, where we only had 1-2. Why can’t war start on 06:00pm GMT on friday or saturday? Make the war 48 hours long or even 60 hours, and everyone is happy. Everyone gets to play 2-3 evenings


Seriously though I’m fine with every event being in multiples of 24 hours. Let’s make it fair for the planet.

Do it Scopes!

If the start times are good, yes. When war starts on saturday in the middle of the night, europe still gets only 1 weekend evening of war while usa gets 2

Even if that argument held any water the three hour difference between PST and EST must have an effect. Come on Scopely - 24 hour events in future.

Andy Lincoln, Tom Payne, Lennie James - TWD is more British than American!


Scopely don’t hate Europe or Asia or any other place, they’ll take anyones money. They’re just far to incompetent to operate in logic.

It’s all about the Benjamins peeps. $

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