KaliShane, will we ever see new World Stages?


We have been at Act 23 for almost a year now, I do not see how it is so hard to program more stages,

You already have (maps/art) for Alexandria and the Sanctuary
(Which appear to be the next Acts)

1 thing I do request is that you have last wave bosses other than some average joe, you have the models for Dwight, Connor, Carson and other saviors, using them as bosses would throw in some variety to the game


They’re coming soon.

It says so


They’ve been saying that for a year lol, would be nice if the new act would drop some nicer rewards, like duct tape, 5☆ tokens, more coins etc.


Let’s start with a gear map 1st.


Summer 2018 New maps will probably be out. Lol


I don’t know why people really care. The story arc seemed forced and uninspiring. “Oh no some bandits have appeared”, “Oh no! Now the noise has drawn more walkers” - repeat for another five stages with characters we don’t give a shit about.

This game fails to keep its promises and purpose. Just read this

True story. :+1:t3:


There was one yesterday, they said so.

Didn’t see it myself, reckon it was one of those dedicated gear maps.


new world maps release on sunday…xD


Lol…like the gear map


Yeah the Gear map was released yesterday, sorry you missed it all… :confused:


Hi MrSurge!

I don’t remember hearing of any in the near near future as we have Faction Assault coming etc.

I’ll check in and see. @Dash