@kalishane will there ever another way for F2P guys to earn tokens?

There’s 5 left after farming the map. Will there be a way to earn more tokens? Really want that Glenn! @kalishane


damn i missed what he said before he deleted his post!

There Will be more routes!

Thanks! Cheers!

Roteiros is not route. Roteiro in PT-BR is script (like a move script), I think he might have meant there will be more roadmaps. Route is Rota.

Unless this is PT-PT :stuck_out_tongue:


@CombatDevIl Ah. He meant Roadmap. Since youre a dev can u confirm?

I can’t because I don’t know in fact. Events are far way from my area. :frowning:

@CombatDevIl What do you do exactly?

O que exatamente você faz?

Combat features and bug fixes.

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I am amazed that they have managed to keep this event and maps away from VK though. Interesting

Programo as partes do combate e corrijo os erros.

So do you come up with ideas and make them and present them?

Mas não longe de mim :grin:

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No, those are designers, I code what they come up with.

So you work closely with the designers?

@CombatDevIl pode me dizer se vão resolver o problema dos territórios? Sempre que vou fazer ataques meu jogo reinicia

Thank you for the roadmap. Thank you very much!

Sort of. I don’t give opinion about their decision, I may just raise a red flag if some feature is not doable.

Não sei dizer, isso é fora da minha área. Com certeza, tem outro software engineer responsável por isso.