Kalishane when does faction assault start?


if you are allowed to tell lol


It starts tonight, as well of the many bugs, glitches, hacks, errors to follow.

Keep on surviving :slight_smile:


If IUGO is away for the day it better not be today lmao.


Really? are you in beta?


Lol. You’re not wrong.

Aiming for tomorrow. crosses fingers


Is this update still happening today? Looking forward to trying faction assult


I second that, it’s gonna be awesooome.


It’s not, playing it in Beta, 4 attacks a day, only use the same player once a day, waiting 2-3 days in between bosses and when it says minimum S1 for example you will be lucky if a S5 team can beat him, oh yeah and as if its not hard enough taking on some1 in a tank every attack is timed, big bore fest, I stopped playing it.


Noooooooooo! Hopefully the prizes are worth it.


i heard we get more 4* tokens…


The only good thing I have to say is it’s gonna be a good way of getting some Benedicts and legendary trainers and gear in the sd. I just think it’s a bit sad because like yourself I was soooo looking forward to it.


So far, g2g! I will keep you posted!

The Faction Assault store should be used as a tool to gather items needed for ascendance!


Haven’t seen it yet, but what’s the paywall? Sounds more like playwall.


@kalishane will factions be locked for faction assault?


Great! :smiley:


Started now.


Compensation for SR tourney or nah? Players first right??


They told me to screw off basically. No matters we lost more than 2 hours…


Oh I know, I just like bringing it up to watch her dodge the topic or make up some bs excuse. :sunglasses:


Shouldn’t have to spend 200 coins for fair play. What an ignorant thing to say.