@kalishane plz help with fixing Tapjoy issue

I sent you my Tapjoy Player ID, Email addy, date occured, and the issue # for 7 different offers that didn’t pay-out since I changed phones. These were the specifics you mentioned in another thread, and I sent them to the email you provided. According to the other thread, that player got the help they were seeking from you. Please try to do the same for me, thanks.

I was wondering if I can get help too. I completed an offer and clicked the link the send a ticket…but I never got an auto-response back. I can’t request another response and directly emailing them is apparently useless, although I’ll probably have to do it anyways. I believe it’s been 10 days since my request for a ticket was sent.

I posted 2 issues to her in that thread… one was paid out as i posted in that thread but not because kalishane helped… i think someone at tapjoy just finally got to it.

1 more to go… 4 weeks waiting still…

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It’s an issue where for whatever reason, my “new phone” (3 months with it now), isn’t recognized by Tapjoy. Never had issues with them paying out after initial email and screenshots as proof before switching phones. Though @kalishane is tagged in a whole lot of posts, I’m hoping I’m 1 that she can help. The other thread has clear instructions to email Scopely, given the paramaters as noted above

Same issue for me,

Played that stupid game about 2 days to achieve, and no rewards. Tapjoy support only sent me automated reply. I replied that with screenshots, and no answer from that time.

HI Longhorn!

We’re still working with Tapjoy on how to collect info and help.

I promise I will respond when I have this info. I will bump my contact for more info! Thank you for the reminder!

(Busy with 9.2.0 right now, thanks for the patience!)

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Actually, ib regards to that thread (If it was mine) Tapjoy eventually got rolling on my offers. I do have one still in limbo ive been friggin absentminded on getting sent to Scopely however so not every offer was resolved.

Tapjoy auto mailer is just an information gatherer. After you reply it takes 3-5 days up to two weeks before I usually hear from them, and then maybe at least another week for them to conclude that i did do it.

Aometimes my turn around is less, 2 days. depends on the Support Rep you get autofiled to.

Ill link the info Shane sent here real quickvia ss. Just explain rhe robomailer never replied and thats why you never got a ticket #.

It sometimes takes Scopely aervers a while to process. Give it a few hours and then pm c.s. and shane about it

I think some folks aren’t fully reading my issue. I think my issue in particular is a rare 1. Again, I had very few issues as a day 1 player collecting once I sent screenshots (even to the dreaded surveys that were bunk, I managed to get the 100+ coins for those haha), but switching phones somehow caused an issue with the server. I get free coin vids rewarded (I think 30 a day max), but all others don’t even try to work. It’s not the usual, “send proof and wait” and get your coins.

I promise I will get back to you.

Sadly, it’s a third party – and there’s nothing I can control – other than finding out what we can do to help if possible.

I will keep you posted. I promise.

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I sent tapjoy an email about a 1600 coin offer, got ignored for three days and then got an email saying they havent heard from me in three days and marked my case as solved.

Last tapjoy offer ill ever do and last video ill ever watch.