Kalishane pls help! Missing my war rewards and support suggestions


Kalishane, as a community manager please do something with useless support. I’m here just because I’m desperate to return my missing regional war rewards.
I’ll just put screenshots of my chat with support and screenshots I’ve been uploading to that chat. It contains all the required information about this case.

As you can see, support is not going to help me in any way that can really help! They just giving me non-relevant tips about my phone when it’s clear as a day that it’s a server but! Don’t you have a person that could fix those small bugs on your servers if you can’t fix the game itself? It would reduce a flood of hate about your support numerously! This is not the first time I’m trying to contact with support in different cases. And everytime their troubleshooting is the same - clear the cache, reboot your phone, we’re not going to fix server bugs!
And every time these bugs occur because of game reboot after too much activity is happening on territories! If I get multiple pop-up banners about territories game is crashing! It’s continuously going from day one of territories! Can’t your programmers fix it for such a long time? I heard from many players about it’s crashing because of territories! It spoiled my solo lvl up ones when I was going to win it. It’s just stopped giving me points in lvl up after crash. Support did nothing. It spoiled my SR many times when I got to play it again and again reviving my dead toons with drug kits that were not restored after crashes but toons were dead again and level was reset to beginning. Support did nothing again!
All these cases are making me want to quit! I love this game and want to continue playing it with a fantastic people I stick with. But me and my pals want you to do something with indifferent and useless support!
And please resolve my war rewards case. Hope to see some good news soon and thank you!


hey jigsaw,

open your raid log - if u see raids from 14 days ago or older the ur game progress is stuck so u need to refresh it - keep closing the log and reopening it again which will bring you bit by bit to newer dates till u reach ur newest log - hope this helps


My advice, stop playing territories, it is pretty much useless anyway, just go after the crit success weapon crafting territories, and pull your teams before they can be kicked, as it is when your team gets kicked that the game crashes.

Also support might be more helpful, if you dont start your second message “I’m sorry but are you fucking kidding me”, I know many support people who would refuse to help you because of language like that. yes they had made a mistake and not seen your war score, have you never made a mistake? would you like to be sworn at every time you have ever failed to do something 100% correct at the first try.


This sucks but unfortunately is not uncommon. When I had this issue I forced my game to save by editing my in game name. A few seconds after I saw the pop up ‘Change Saved’ my rewards come into my inbox. Could’ve been a coincidence but worth a shot.


It’s the game having not loaded all the rewards into your inbox. Go watch a free coin video and give it a few hours. It’ll all come back


Thanks everyone for advices!
Yes Conomer, I don’t expect Kalishane will be able to do something with it but at least I want to speak about the problem of useless support. And I suggest to make a supervisor support that can fix things on a server or resend people rewards or missed coins or whatever if regular support is not allowed to do it!
And yes I regret that I was rude in one of my messages but it was just ridiculous to say: you haven’t played this war, good luck next time after I showed them pics of my rewards splash screen.
My raid log is up to date and I’ve tried to change my nickname and watching videos.
Nothing really works and I don’t think something can be done without ppl at Scopely.
But hey, they gave me new tips on what I should do next!

So they just say - we are not going to fix a thing for you moth*****er! Sht up and play your game! Maybe it’ll fix itself one day before rewards will expire but we doubt it.
Well, thanks again to support!


It will fix itself in a day or so. It is a somewhat common issue.


Hi Jigsaw! I’ll PM you and we’ll figure this out.


So for the record… Kalishane did not pm me, but I’m still grateful to her for being responsive.
So today after I saw update went live I decide not just update my game but delete it, reboot my phone and install new version after it. And it worked this time!

Got mediocre duplicates and 3 duct tapes but it’s still better than nothing.
Anyway all that being said about support and steps Scopely should make to improve it still remains!


Oh! I’m sorry! I think I meant to say, please PM me. </3

Glad it’s working for you now.


In the future just know it’s a loading issue, it usually happens when you change devices. If you let it sit for a while it’ll load the rewards properly. Same reason why you see so many notifications for your factionmates being attacked in raids. Takes a while to populate all that stuff(like 8+ hours sometimes)


It’s not always a loading issue I have several faction mates who lost war prizes. It’s normally that but I would have freaked out too knowing chance of getting them if they didn’t appear like they should is low. Glad you got them !!