@kalishane Pls Add abort craft to Armory


Please, add an option to abort a craft, or abort a research, much like we can abort scav missions.

I just crafted on a weapon and wasn’t paying attention and did not add Duct Tape or Polishing Kit. Now I’m stuck waiting 1 day 8 hours just for it to fail. I don’t even want the mats back that will be wasted, just want to restart the craft. There’s no reason there can’t be an abort/cancel option on an armory craft/research.

Please see if this is possible.


Please ignore this comment. :joy:


Umm. No, It’s bad to not get the ‘right’ craft, but giving people infinite tries is not a fix. I’m assuming you’re not trolling…

For the OP, the ‘abort’ action is to pay all those coins, Scopely appreciates your dedication :yum:


Sir I’m not trolling ; just a suggestion, but since you don’t like it, I guess it won’t be implemented. Smh…


Getting back the items means a single DT/PK pair could be used until you finally get the desired craft. It basically means after a little while, ad/stun/impair/ap down would be on every weapon. I’d rather not have to run into that on every team. The low success rate is frustrating, but the alternative is worse.


Well you do have a point. That wouldn’t be good. :joy: