Kalishane please respond to these glaring issues no trolling plz


I decided to repost my heavily liked list of the issues that need addressing.

Please leave the hate, the memes and trolling posts elsewhere.

@kalishane please use this list if you need a quick but not necessarily exhaustive list of issues top on many players minds. Prove to us that respect begets respect. I am giving some by setting the stage without hate, malice or bias.

Now it’s your turn to answer our questions, and address our concerns

  1. The corporate culture of victim blaming, discredit, ignoring and censorship.

  2. When will we see even half of the promises addressed in Albert letter

  3. Prizes for the premium event WAR AND CRW steadily getting worse, with excuses thrown around like “the meta” “it takes xx weeks” “We really want to get there”

  4. The inability to ascend new toons because of the lockdown over medals, gear, and 5* toons. To this point the only rewards given often are some fraction of the 8 needed to ascend just one. The medals and gear have been systematically removed.

  5. The lack of any depth in rosters, has slowly changed but is still really bad. Only the big spenders have other than a hand full of the basic 6*.

  6. You pushed out ascendance too quickly and didnt have enough 6* designed for 6 months. The older characters already designed should be unlocked immediately and priority given to unlocking at least as many premiere toons as og toons.

  7. The 6* stat buff was too much and needs to be reverted. There has to be some use for the hundreds of 5* besides or a territory team. The occasional 5* that are really viable, magna, twichonne, yichonne, priya still are premium pulls only.

  8. The overall stingines with regards to compensation for scopely mistakes. The cm trying to say “usually 1 in 40, 2 in 80 and rarely 3 in 120, but that was my experience, not sure when” with regard to the very clear 1 in 40 5* policy. There are many reports of people who pulled for the promos just before shiva not getting a 5* and you’ve done nothing to help them.

  9. Account recovery has never required a purchase until the last several months. You must let those still playing have their accounts back.

  10. There has been alot of talk about why you are doing less than you know you can on many issues. Are you shutting the game down?

  11. War still has bugs, lag, random resets. What did you fix with war?

  12. Faction assault becoming the only faction event where we have to compete against faction mates to get basic prizes.


I don’t believe Kaly will be able to respond you about those issues. Poor gal is also having her own kind of problems both in game and work.

Blame the big guys from the higher ground. The ones leading the game just won’t give her enough information, nor will allow others to know what they could be possibly creating to add to the game, if they are ever going to change anything.

The Head Team needs to change their attitude before they can change the game and the company for the best.


You seemed to miss the point. @kalishane job is to respond to the community full stop.

Blame is irrelevant in this discussion. They are “the scopely team” kalishane is the mouth, the managers are the brains the programmers at iugo are the hands. Live ops is the digestive tract.


Bump this to the top.

Pm sent to @kalishane


No hiding from this Shane


She can hide all she wants… and she is…lol


This keeps up we will have to send out a search party…


no search party needed, We have a developer tracker and can see that she is actively ignoring us


Here, don’t be angry.

Try doing a 250 coin pull for Jessie. I am sure you will get a 5* version of her so that she can eat up all of your trainers.


Shane since yesterday


Shane is probably tired of the negativity in the forums. Whenever she provides a response, people just throw it back at her or criticize whatever she says. She is human like rest of us.


First you have to accept “Soon” into your heart in the context Scopely prefers to use it. Then someone will magically appear and continue to deflect, delay and give non answers.


I wish I could choose not to do my job because I don’t like some aspects of it, and still get paid.



You talk about respect and your initial post shows respect, which is nice. I feel however you have let yourself down when you post effectively 2 “chasers” within 3 hours… and imply Shane is perhaps hiding…


You forgot to add ignored in this…


Nobody from $copelie will answer our "uncomfortable " questions…


Man no answers sheesh if I did this at work the door would be closing in quick with my bosses foot up my arse.


Imagine how long you would have a job if you ignored your customers reasonable, well worded, and community supported questions for 3 hours.


4 hours