Kalishane no need to sift through the forums. NO MORE 5* TOKENS AS WAR PRIZES


Man this shit is a joke struggling to fill war parties. Currently 3rd in crw however have less losses than everyone else. Shits a joke. Been hard going filling for this garbage. Better start nailing these prizes man.


Its a shame bro. My faction are awesome. Jus cant get motivated by the shit there presenting us wit.


So 4* Tokens for everyone? Got it!

If you didn’t realize, it’s a sarcasm on the fact that the suggestion was well thought out in your mind, but badly executed on paper. I’ll want a 5* for top 3 factions too, but your suggestion merely states you want better prizes, and not clarifying what constitutes a better/suitable prize. And Jesus Christ, clarify which placement bracket you mean, because lower factions still like 5* tokens as war prizes.

Scopely screws up a lot on prizes, but the forum isn’t coherent as a whole and we often get conflicting suggestions. “We don’t want legendary medals,” “We need legendary medals,” “6* stat buff was too severe,” “Give us T4 gear so I can make my 6* stronger.” The irony of speaking for the community is that it rarely does.

War rewards incorrect?

We need something to get excited about, to motivate us, hell a new 5* is better than pulling dupes all the damn time. Tier 4 gear or continue with an exclusive 5*… anythings better than this shit man. Id rather an exclusive 5… yea there pretty much irrelevant but theres nothing more disheartening than token rewards and pulling ur 10th dupe of someone.


LiveOps be like… :see_no_evil:


The stat buff being too much and wanting to be able to t4 characters aren’t mutually exclusive. Since 6 stars are the only characters that are viable anymore, with a few minor exceptions, wanting to make what you have as strong as possible to be more competitive is perfectly fine. It’s not like people are going to be able to t4 all their 6 stars right away, so the choice of who you t4 first actually has some value.

As far as the legendary tokens, no one said they didn’t want them, just that they didn’t want them as the primary prize for events. Also at that time many people were still hopeful that they would follow through on the promise they made about having a weekly roadmap for them.


1 week til the next war. Since they couldnt be bothered to replace this heap of shit. All i ask is that they get it right… or on the right path next week.


I think you meant they are mutually exclusive. Long-term wise, sure, But in the short-term, it’s pretty much the same thing, especially since people are “allegedly” quitting recently.

As for legendary tokens, it’s pretty much the same situation as it is now. There are so people who can articulate why legendary tokens is a bad prize, while some just say that they outright don’t want legendary tokens. I believe a common argument was that they needed ascendable 5s more than legendary tokens. Granted, the number of ascendable 5s have increased since then, and it is Scopely’s responsibility to reward prizes based on supply and demand. But it’s still suggestions like these that aren’t really articulating the proper idea for the community. We all know how clueless LiveOps is, so I can imagine it being a nightmare having to listen to conflict feedback after feedback because ideas aren’t being communicated properly, both on their end and ours too.


Cool story, you caught a typo. You’re more delusional than I thought if you still think I’m an employee in disguise. Remember, I enjoy when players quit the game. Explain that :slight_smile:


Well the way things are going. Some times it almost feels like that’s exactly what Scopley want.


Uh, plenty of people dissatisfied with thier jobs. I’d be too if I worked for them.


In the 5* area we won 5* for war. Now in 6* area we win 5*. Basically the same if you rewarded us with 4* back then. We should be reward with 6* already ascended or ascendable 5* with ALL medal needed to elevate.


Is this the waahhhh thread?


Well, that s your opinion, that you don’t want epic tokens. I got two accounts, couldn’t care less about epic tokens in one of them, while I m excited to get epic tokens in the other. For starting players and low and middle tier factions those tokens are very valuable while for a two year old player they might seem stale. However I need more epics to ascend, so I use that as a source for fodder.

All depends on the point of view what you regard as valuable or not. Asking for a specific epic as a prize is stupid in my point of view since epics are starting to get outdated…


Scopely be like



Whatever the top prize may be is irrelevant to me and my faction because we’ll never get it. On the other hand 5* tokens are very welcome. Even that lemon juice I got from CRW was useful. No, I’m joking about the lemon juice, though you can sell it for food so maybe I’m being a little harsh on Scopely there!


Right so @Paves . The game shouldn’t only cater for the whales in the nr 1 factions alone. I actually miss the fact flaks and beanies were part of faction and single event prizes. They ve been replaced with ultra rare and epic gear, but I need those flaks and beanies in my dade account. Hence, everything depends on the point of view and the specific situation of a player wether or not prizes are valuable.


Nah, we Love Tokens. To spend and Get First place to Get this:

So happy with this prizes. Thanks! This is what we really wanted ALL along :smiley:. /s


I spent more than I’ve ever spent on refills this weekend. Faction won also. I got Oberson and Vernon…


Wasn’t playing really at this CRW, scored 50k for dwights parts, we got 50th place or near, had enough to open tokens after that